Start lines

One of the most unique places on the planet. You are surrounded sometimes by a few, other times by many, all of which have had a totally different ride to get there but all of which are about to do exactly the same as you.....cross the line and, in doing so, continue their journey.

The moment of silence before the gun goes off, we experience similar and very different things to each other. Some are psyched for the race ahead, the plan they have, the PB they are searching for, or the target they have set themselves. For some, the line is actually the goal. They are standing within inches of the biggest achievement of their life to date. The journey has been life-changing. Just being there on the line brings them more fear and anxiety than many could even fathom.

But we all stand there together. The start line brings us all together, and in those minutes before the gun sounds, it delivers some of the most incredible emotions despite the path we have taken to get here or the steps we plan from here.

No matter what the start line is for you and no matter who you share it with, you should always know how special it is and how special you are because you stand on it.

My only request is that you continue to do more than you think you can because you really can. You are on it.....have a crack!

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