This workout comes in the weekly training once a month. Normally at the end of the second week or beginning of the third week. We include it monthly so that you are able to monitor your progress on these movements from month to month. Make sure you keep track of your monthly scores.
  1. Maximum Pull ups in 2 minutes: Once you start the pull ups you must not touch your feet on the floor or release your grip on the bar, your arms must have full extension at the bottom of the movement and your chin must go over the bar at the top of the movement. Score 2 points for each rep
  2. Maximum Push ups in 2 minutes: Once you start the push ups you must not release your hands or feet from the floor. Your arms must be straight at the top of the movement and at the bottom of the movement your chest must be within 3inches from the floor. Score 1 point for each rep
  3. Run 1.6km / 1 mile: Run the distance as fast as you can timed and score points on the following basis. Score 100 for sub 5:30, 90 for 5:31-6, 80 for 6:01-6:30, 70 for 6:31-7, 60 for 7:01-7:30, 50 for 7:31-8, 40 for 8:01-8:30, 30 for 8:31-9, 20 for 9:01-9:30, 10 for 9:31-10. +10 = Zero.
  4. Maximum Squats in 2 minutes: No weight just your body. On the downward motion your legs must break the 90 degree angle at the knee and at the top of the movement your legs must be straight. If you rest you are only wasting your own time. Score 1 point for each rep

 Rest 3 minutes after each exercise before moving to the next

Results: Once you are done count up your points based on the above. As a guide below are the thresholds so you can benchmark your results. 400 points + ELITE, 399-350 Fantastic, 349-300 In the Zone, 299-250 Getting better, 249-200 Just on the board, Sub 200 lots to do.

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