“Smash Life” CAPE TOWN 11-05-2013

InnerFight Smash Life SA Final

What is this seminar all about?

In 2011 I had a vision to deliver a seminar that teaches people tricks and techniques they can use to get the most out of their life. A year in the making and Smash Life was launched. I want to encourage people to take life head on and be the best they can be and hence the name "Smash Life" fits perfectly.
The Smash Life seminar is motivational, inspirational and filled with "aha" moments. It is for everyone no matter what walk of life you come from or what your profession is. I have delivered it to sports enthusiasts and corporates and the impacts and results have been off the charts. People leave energized, with a new perspective on many things and a genuine desire to live their life to the max. The vision of the InnerFight brand is "improved performance across all domains" and this is what the Smash Life seminar delivers. The seminar covers 6 very important topics, which through my experiences I see as essential components of performance and getting the most out of life, but are topics that we often find hard to get simple and practical information on to implement into our lives. During the seminar we address:
  • Definitions of fitness: For everyone this is so different, we are all different people and all have different goals and measures so its important that we fully understand what fitness means to ourselves, how we measure that and how we achieve it.
  • The importance of strength: Physical strength is a key part of our life, I see so many people that can barely manage their own body weight. We are going to look at what strength is, why its important to us as humans and how we can achieve it.
  • Goal setting: Many people have great dreams of what they want in life but few take the time to sit down and set goals to achieve these dreams. There are simple processes to go through to make dreams come to life and I will share these.
  • Improving mental toughness: The number of mental battles we face in life is well known to all but how do we react to these? I discuss various techniques that are easy to use and deliver great results.
  • Dealing with failure: Failure is one of the biggest learnings in life but all too often people act as though its not important and didn't happen. When you take a positive approach to failure things in your life start to change.
The Smash Life seminar is delivered over 8 hours and incorporates 2 very straight forward physical segments. (Don't worry if you are not a gym pro) For further information on dates that the seminar will be running or to inquire about having the seminar delivered in a private or corporate environment please contact me directly on winning@innerfight.com [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZMW9RgU3N0]
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The "Smash Life" Seminar
InnerFight founder Marcus Smith is a high performance coach with a wide array of clients on all matters related to performance. For more information how he can help you increase your performance contact him direct at ms@innerfight.com
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