Smash Life 1. Dubai

On Friday 16th November I delivered the first Smash Life seminar in Dubai to a sell out audience down at Evolve. The great thing about this seminar is that it attracts people from various walks of life with varied motivation for attending. The bottom line however is that everyone knew my main objective of the seminar which is to teach them tricks and techniques on how to get the most out of life. Awesome people at #smashlife seminar #dubai today! The seminar covers 6 key modules which I see as essential for being the best we can be. These are 1. Defining fitness, 2. Skills for life 3. The importance of strength, 4. Goal Setting, 5. Improving mental toughness and 6. Dealing with failure. (I have written a detailed blog post on the seminar and its structure right here When you are addressing such a diverse audience the point at which the penny drops so to speak differs but from CEO to Sales Executive they were all rocked on Friday at some stage or another. The feedback so far as been awesome and it shows that people are keen to get more out of life and start living life to the full. The Smash Life seminar is something I had a vision for over a year ago and have now been able to deliver it three times in three different countries. In 2013 I will be taking it to Qatar, Kuwait, South Africa and Australia as well as running more in Dubai with the first Dubai date planned for January 11th 2013. So if you live in Dubai and you want to get your new year off to an awesome start this is what you need. I would really like to thank those people that attended on the weekend and support the InnerFight brand. SMASH LIFE!
The "Smash Life" Seminar
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