Show No Weakness is a concept designed by Marcus and me with the simple objective of making humans better through exploring mental and physical resilience.

SNW is a unique 24-hour event where we take participants out in the desert to test not only their physical abilities and fitness but challenge them mentally and force them to use logic and problem-solving skills to complete tasks.

After successfully testing our pilot version, SNW#0, in June this year, we decided to set a date for #SNW1 - 09/09/21

Who should participate? 
SNW is for people that need it the most. This concept is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. Physical ability is not the limiting factor. The only reason people fail to complete the 24 hours is due to weakness.

What to expect?
This is the journey where we will take you out of your comfort zone in every single aspect. You will be challenged mentally, emotionally, and physically. This event may bring out new dimensions of your personality or expose various dimensions of your personality to other competitors for the first time.

“To challenge a weakness is to expose it to stress.” - James E. Loehr

In this 24 hour game, Marcus and I will make sure ‘things go wrong. It will be your turn to show us how you cope with challenging and stressful situations, react when you are hungry and sleep-deprived, how you adapt and cope when things do not go the way they have planned. 

You may suffer from a mixture or all of the following: physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, mental fatigue, hunger, thirst, frustration, conflict, happiness, elation, revelation, and more.

However, our objective is that everyone finishes the event without ringing a bell and leaves, having had a truly unique experience, learned something, and grown more resilient as a human being. 

How to apply?
The application process is simple. Once the event is launched, email us, and you will receive the application form!

Got any questions? Mail me directly

Connect with Ivana:
Instagram: ivko_fitness