Should “Chiro” be part of training?

Post by Adam Sayers Should Chiropractic Be Considered As Part Of Your Training Routine? Most people who are health conscious will place a lot of importance onto their exercise, diet as well as rest. The very active ones will often turn to physical therapies like stretching, trigger point therapy and physiotherapy in order to help the body cope with the physical load placed on it by their training. Always making sure that their muscles and joints can function at their optimum.  All of these help, but how many health conscious people make the conscious effort to make sure their nervous system is functioning at its optimum? Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.28.41 PM When you think about it, the nervous system is what governs all the functions within your body. It tells those muscles, joints and ligaments what to do and when to do it. So surely it is most important to make sure this system is working at its best. And this is where chiropractic shows its full worth within a training routine. The main focus of chiropractic is to release tension off the nervous system to allow it to regulate and control your body as effectively as possible. This happens in 2 main ways, firstly the spinal cord is attached to the spinal column in two main areas which are the first two vertebrae at the top of the spine and then at the Sacrum which is right at the base of the spine. Any misalignments of the spine create a twist or torsion of these two parts which places stress on the spinal cord. Secondly, ninety percent of stimulus into the brain comes from movement of the spine. The chiropractic adjustment stimulates new neurological pathways which ensures you get the best out of that ninety percent as possible and with this better input, the brain then has a better output which means it can regulate your body much more effectively. Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.28.52 PM So if you truly want your body to be at its best for your intense training routine, regular visits to the chiropractor definitely must be considered as part of your training lifestyle. Because if you exercise your body's governing centre properly then you will get more out every aspect of your body which will make a big difference in achieving your health and [responsive]Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.29.04 PM[/responsive] exercise goals. Try it, you will feel the difference. Dr Adam Sayers is a Chiropractor at both the Greenside Clinic and Pure Health Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa where he has been practicing for 5 years. He has special interests in family wellness and pediatrics and his passion for improved general health and the empowerment of people to make the right health and lifestyle choices. You can follow him on Twitter or contact him direct by mail
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