By Sept 1st you will…?

So here we are, Summer in Dubai - people go on holiday, travel more and it’s the time that we hear all kinds of excuses. So here is your challenge - by September 1st, you will improve...? 8 weeks - 8 weeks of anything is enough to improve anything if you can focus and commit. Maybe you want to pack on muscle, or get better at running, play more sports, build your arms or get your first muscle up? Think about what you have at your disposal if traveling, or one thing that you have always wanted to improve but just never got around to. If you are visiting friends/family what type of training do they like? Maybe you can set your goal together. Most of my time with friends at home revolves around training sessions. It’s easy. Coffee, train, breakfast. What a great way to spend 3 hours with an old mate or family member. So there it is, by September 1st, what will you have improved? And please feel free to ask/email if you're not sure of how to go about it. I’m always more than happy to help, as long as you're 100% committed.   By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach