Confidence comes from a feeling of well-being, being sure of who you are and being happy with exactly that. Its acceptance of your body and mind and believing in your own ability, skills and experience. Its knowing that deep inside, you know you are capable, and you feel secure.

To build self-confidence you need to believe in yourself and you can do this by working on Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy:


Is basically the opinion you have of yourself, how much you appreciate and like the person you are or becoming and having confidence with it. It refers to a belief of your overall value and worth.

'I believe I’m a good coach and I’m happy about that'

Remember that a lack of confidence kills more dreams than the lack of ability.


Is believing you have the ability to complete specific tasks, if you believe you are capable of doing something such as completing a project then this is reflective of self-high efficacy. People with low self-efficacy don’t believe they will succeed at a task so put less effort in or nothing at all.

'I believe I have the ability to help my client reach his/her goals, and we will work hard to achieve this'

Remember that people usually talk themselves out of giving their best effort long before talent becomes a limiting factor.

Other simple strategies to help build self-confidence are:

· Smile

· Look people in the eye

· Give compliments to others

· Be prepared

· Practice appreciation

· Accept your imperfections

· Set goals and smash them

· Always try your best

· Accept rejection

· Love and embrace it

Being more confident, knowing your value and allowing yourself to fully believe and love who you are is truly an important part of our lives.

'You’re Capable of more than you think'

By; Lloyd Melling, Performance Coach