Sanchia, a 59-year old badass

What really motivates a person to exercise when one can just stay in bed to watch their favorite shows on Netflix whilst munching a bowl of popcorn? It happens to everyone; you can feel like you are too young or too old to start hitting the pavement or to buy a membership in the gym. More often than not, people use age as an excuse for just being lazy. At this point, the real questions that remain debatable is; at what age can a person really start training or at what age can a person just stop doing anything? We often hear people say “You are too young to exercise, or too old to lift that bar”.  Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Yes, we hear them everywhere. Fear, judgement and lame excuses are the common reasons. Age should not stop anyone from getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  There are some parents who enroll their kids in gymnastics or swimming lessons at an early age which plays an integral role in what the kids will become or what sports they pursue in a few years. It builds them a hunger for training or for wanting more. Foundation is the key and it is best to start during primary years. On the other hand, how old is too old to exercise? Have you seen a 70-year old doing their first marathon, or a 50-year old performing a 90-kg back squat? Does it depend on that individual 5-year old kid who can cope with complex gymnastics movements or on how a specific 70-year old can still perform a 1km run? So how can we judge exercise is still for them? It’s all in the mind as much as in the body. You feel old when you think you are and vice versa. Exercise has no limits and boundaries when it comes to age. It should not stop anyone from moving. This is true to Sanchia, one of our great clients in the gym that proves to us age is just but a stupid number. So, what makes this 59-year old badass move? Where does she get her strength to make her reps count or perform extra burpees when asked in the class? “To start working out after a long absence there is a fear of failure! -  not being able to keep up with the rest of the class…… and worse ……...being the oldest and most unfit person in the class.” Sanchia commented. Sanchia, a 59-year old regular crossfitter who works hard to attain her goals towards fitness and health.  She comes to the gym 3/week or sometimes even more. Every day she gets stronger and better; from lifting an empty bar to smashing her personal best. Her initial goal was weight loss. It still is; however, her focus now is more on fat loss. She wants to get better, feel better and to be able to improve and keep up with rest of the class, and to be the best possible version of herself.  She tells us her journey and what motivates her to accomplish her goals. sanchia-collage Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your story and your journey? A: I spent 25+ years in the Financial and Banking environment. Work-life balance gradually deteriorated from daily exercise playing squash, playing golf, going to the gym and swimming to ‘all work and no play'. Q: How did this whole journey lead you to becoming interested in CrossFit? A: Quinton (my stepson) was doing CrossFit classes at InnerFight on Saturday mornings with his U/15 rugby team.  I was really impressed with the mixing of different types of exercises which keeps the workouts interesting, and focusing on strength and conditioning. Q: What was your health and fitness like before you started training at InnerFight? A: I regularly played golf, went for a run or cycle occasionally, but did not have a regular exercise schedule. I was overweight and I had low energy and often had shoulder, knee or back pain. “I saw Phil, Marcus and Matt when they coached the rugby boys, and I saw Holly lifting weights and decided that I wanted to feel the way they looked.” Sanchia fondly recalls on how she gets started. Q: How has InnerFight and the program helped you? A: Working out at InnerFight is really fun and has an inspiring, supportive and encouraging team of coaches and like-minded people of all ages and all levels to exercise with.  The program has improved my mental and physical health. It has improved my endurance, made me stronger and improved my flexibility and balance. I have lost weight and it has also helped manage my knee and back pain. It improved my overall sense of well-being. Q: What advice would you give to others looking to follow your fitness journey? A: START NOW and maintain a regular exercise routine. Choose a gym like InnerFight that will help and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals. Exercise is the key to healthy ageing, it energises your mood, relieves stress, improves sleep, helps you manage symptoms of illness and pain and improves your overall sense of well-being. It is the key to staying strong, energetic and healthy as you get older. Feeling inspired after reading Sanchia's story? Of course you are! Come and sign up to our Base Fitness class and create the new you.