Here are a load of resources that will help you with your running

Podcasts & Audio books that we like:

– Endurance Planet (General run, triathlon and health Q&A)
– Marathon Talk (Pure running chat)
– The Runner’s World Podcast (Pure running chat)
– Science of Ultra (Geeky)
– Finding Mastery (Life boosting)
– The Health & Fitness Podcast by InnerFight (Obviously)
– Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance- Alex Hutchinson
– Born to run – Christopher McDougall
– Supporting champions – Steve Ingham
– Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

Things to read & watch:

Sleep big or go home – Tom Walker
Training, Risk vs Reward – Joe Friel
A guide to using HRV – Tom Walker
Competition mindset – Andre Houdet
Growth mindset – Carmen Bosmans
Adaptation – Marcus Smith
The sun always rises – Marcus Smith
Keep showing up – Rich Roll
What is balance? – Rich Roll

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