Rowing WOD Seminars in Dubai – October 2015

We are pumped to bring you ROWING WOD to Dubai in person with Rowing WOD founder and Olympian Cameron Nichol. Secure your place mail us NOW ROWING 101 Seminars: October 16th / 17th    ELITE TRAINING CAMP: October 14th /15th   Cam is an Olympian, double world silver medalist and competitive CrossFit Athlete. Join him as he shares his insights from competing with Great Britain Rowing Team  and boosts your rowing performance with hands on coaching methods, high yield exercises and mental tips & tricks to approach a rowing workout.   Secure your place mail us NOW  
ROWING 101 SEMINAR: Who is this for? Anyone who wants to become better on a rowing machine. How long does it last? Two-hours When is it? There are various time slots on October 16th/17th Maximum 16 athletes per seminar, the seminar runs 4 times per day:   7:30 - 9:30 10:00 - 12:00 14:30 - 16:30 17:00 – 19:00   Slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and places reserved only on payment. Prices: Early bird offer of 350AED before September 14th (Limited to first 50 athletes). 450AED thereafter SEMINAR CONTENT This two-hour seminar will boost your rowing performance and test your rowing abilities. You'll learn personalised machine setup, rowing basics and how to unlock 'free speed' on the machine. We address rowing biomechanics, common technical errors and programming, which are all key to maximising performance at any level. These often neglected principles will change the way you think about rowing. We'll spend most of the session on the rowing machines with individual and team workouts and workshops. The workouts and practical demonstrations are suitable for athletes of all abilities, will highlight improvement areas and are great fun. Schedule: - Rowing Principles - Biomechanics & technique - Pacing - Technical workshops - Sprinting & Starts - WODs   Price 450 AED per athlete **350 AED EARLY BIRD OFFER UNTIL SEPTEMBER 14th** (only 50 early bird offers available)   ELITE TRAINING CAMP: Four sessions over two days, October 14th/15th   Secure your place mail us NOW Who is this for? The serious athlete aiming to compete at regionals or the games. There will be 2 Groups of 5-8 athletes and slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, reserved on payment only. Prices: Early bird offer of 1,250AED before September 14th (Limited to first 10 athletes) 1,500AED thereafter Training Camp Goals:
  • Improve each athlete’s rowing stroke efficiency
  • Improve rowing pacing and strategy for 4 scenarios:
  • Rowing is a monostructural event
  • Rowing is at the start
  • Rowing is in the middle / as part of multiple rounds
  • Rowing is at the end
  • Pass on tips & tricks about the rowing machine to boost rowing performance
  Topics covered:
  1. ‘The Machine’:
  • Setup - feet/seat height, drag factor
  • ‘The Wheel’ - starting the machine, finishing on the machine, force curves.
  • Transitions - feet strap technique, single foot rowing, feet-out rowing.
  • Rate vs speed vs calories.
  1. ‘The Stroke’:
  • Teach how I think about rowing - rhythm first, then connection, length, relaxation and pushing hard.
  • Teach optimal biomechanics from intuitive concepts and already established movement patterns - ‘the rope pull’, barbell vs rower.
  • Advanced biomechanics - sequencing & power application of drive phase.
  • Drills & exercises to optimise movement patterns.
  1. ‘The Race’:
  • Starts & sprints
  • Pacing long rows and ‘bridging rows’
  • Finishing / sprinting
  1. ‘The Extra Bits’
  • Rowing-specific warmup - both from a physiological and biomechanical point of view.
  • Machine setup in <30 secs
  • Training sessions to repeat to embed good technique & improve rowing performance
  • Training ranges & splits - speed & cals.
  TRAINING CAMP SCHEDULE: We will run two groups of 5-8 athletes on these camps. One is aimed at people that have to work during the day, the other for those who are more flexible with times: Group 1 times: (this is for people who have to go to work) 14th October:  Session 1: 5:30am-7:30am Session 2: 5:30pm-7:30pm 15th October: Session 1: 5:30am-7:30am Session 2: 5:15pm-6:30pm Session 3: 6:30pm-7:15pm   Group 2 times: (this is for people who are more flexible in the day) 14th October: Session 1: 10:30am-12:30pm Session 2: 3pm-4:30pm 15th October: Session 1:  10:30am-12:30pm Session 2: 3pm-4:15pm  Session 3: 6:30pm-7:15pm   DAY 1 – Introduction, Biomechanics & movement. Sprinting. Session 1:
  • Introduction of basic principles - Rhythm, Connection, Length, Relaxation, Hard.
  • Individual setup on the machine.
  • Practical demonstrations to explain the biomechanics & sensation of connection we are trying to achieve.
  • Low rate row to establish baseline movement patterns and highlight individual errors.
Session 2:
  • Sprinting session - technique, strategy and practice.
  • High intensity, short intervals for athletes to establish best sprinting
  • Strategy for short rows and when rowing is at the end of an event.
  DAY 2 – Pacing & Strategy & Team Rowing Session 1:
  • Step-rate pieces to find optimal ‘cruising speed’ for monostructural and long rowing events.
  • Focussing on building speed with rate and looking at relationship between rate, rhythm and speed for each athlete.
  • We will learn about individual pacing and what each athlete’s ‘cruising pace’ should be for a couple race scenarios
  Session 2:
  • Movement pattern consolidation, steady state row followed by:
  • Team Rowing workshop and team row to finish.
  Price - 1500 AED per athlete, **1250 AED EARLY BIRD OFFER UNTIL SEPTEMBER 14th** (only 10 early bird offers available) Secure your place mail us NOW