Regional Qualification – CrossFit Games

So the CrossFit Games enters it's next stage.....
The first stage was the open where over 60,000 people from around the world took part in 5 workouts over the course of 5 consecutive weeks. Their results broken down region wise now form regional leader boards around the world. The athletes sitting in the top 60 in their region are now invited to attend regional qualifications which will see spots for the finals in LA in July up for grabs! The final which will ultimately crown 1 man and 1 women with the title "Fittest on Earth"
But whats my interest in this?
In 2011 I entered the CrossFit Open at the 11th hour, not really knowing what was in store and certainly not able to do a number of the movements required in this sport. I ended up qualifying for the regional event and placing 5th which on a first outing was acceptable.
Having had a deeper look at the sport and with an obsession to challenge myself and set goals I set a goal to go one event better in 2012 and see if I could go all the way to the finals.
I have attacked this year differently initially spending a lot of time studying the different movements and demands of CrossFit, I then went and became a certified CrossFit trainer to further increase my knowledge of the sport. 
A great experience was spending time training with an old friend Jeremy Austin the owner of CrossFit Gold Coast It was here I met Rob Downton from Raw Strength & Conditioning and was fortunate enough to catch up with Rob in January this year and secure his services as a coach. With his background and approach to training and CrossFit I knew things would be "different". His attitude to specific skills and to work capacity is a whole new level! With just one month to go until the regional qualification in Korea I continue to execute Rob's training daily at Evolve under the watchful eye of one of Dubai's leading trainers and Evolve co-founder, Dan Harrison. The only way to describe preparing for an event like this is "Full on" there are so many skills and techniques that you have to address in the gym and then outside the gym your life has to change too as there are a number of factors which can aid your performance such as sleep patterns, nutrition and lifestyle choices which have to be taken into consideration. I am very lucky, I have a great coaching team in Rob and Dan, a huge support in my wife Holly and my family and then all the guys that drop in to do sessions with me and push me as hard as they can.  Lets see what happens at the start of May in Korea!