Refuse to be Average, by Matt Jones

So I came across this hashtag #refuseaverage a few weeks back and it got me thinking that it's worth sharing with you on how you should refuse being average in training and in life. So what is this all about? Let's just cover a few bits and pieces first. It's not about how heavy you can go, it's not about how fast you do a workout, it's not about how many reps you can get in a certain workout, and it's not about whether you have the strongest, leanest, fittest and best looking body in the gym. It's more about you being the absolute best you can be. It’s about giving it your all, and giving everything you’ve got, 100 plus percent. I know people overlook this sort of stuff, but I think it's super important. We have all heard of the saying “I'll just go through the motions, and do just enough to get by.” That sort of chat definitely shows a lot of weakness. You could even say it's a massive disease to even think like that. You will never achieve much if you think that way. When I used to work at a big global gym, and new members would come in and get their free session, not all, but most of them never really wanted to hear what was right for them. They thought they knew everything.  Words like “I'll just sign up and try to come 3 days a week and get some results.”, are few of the lame lines you hear. Seriously, that was the shit I used to hear. OUT! Let's be honest, if you want results, you need to work hard for it. And that means 4+ sessions a week. I came across these stats a while back which I still believe is true: At most global gyms, 90% of members who sign up never even show up. Of the 10 % left, 7% just show up and go through the motions. Another 2% are half and half, so not fully committed.  That leaves the 1% crew. These people give it their all. That probably never miss a session, they still show up on a Saturday and a Sunday morning. And they probably don't stand in front of the mirror looking at their abs between sets. Those people don’t settle for average. To wrap it all up here, if you refuse to be average, you will definitely get better at life. Even if you just lose 1kg per week, or even if you go a bit faster in a certain workout, or it's evident that you are getting stronger and always trying to train with good form. These sort of things don't just happen by simply showing up and going through the motions. You will have to earn it Big Time. Even if you feel you are not the strongest or the fittest or the fastest in the gym, it will always come down to you as an individual. I hope this helps towards your attitude and effort when it comes to training and life.   By: Matt Jones,  InnerFight Performance Coach