Reflect to win!

Two days until a New Year, it's almost time to get after 2020 and win! But before we win, let's take time to reflect.


Reflecting on things is something I am trying to work on and believe it is essential to reflect on things. If you don't stop to think, look back, and think forward, then you are missing out on some serious opportunities to get better. It will also save you time and energy on things that have possibly not worked in the past.


As you plan for the year ahead, knowing what has worked and what has not worked in the past will ultimately lead to how successful you will be in 2020.


Did you set goals for 2019? If so, which of the goals did you achieve, and which did you not. For those that you did, great work! Ask yourself, how did you go about achieving them, list these things down as it worked. Those you didn't make happen again, ask yourself why and list them down. You should, as a result, have a good idea of what worked and what didn't to carry the right things over to help you smash 2020! Just because you didn't achieve all your goals does not mean your year was a failure, see it as a learning and carry over these into the coming year.


Reflecting and defining what matters and what you want to achieve in different areas of your life is a great place to start before setting yourself up for 2020. An example of the areas could be; Fitness, Family, Financially, Learning, Life, and Work. You can reflect on these areas of your life and determine how they went in 2019. Every time you get an answer ask yourself 'Why' and then 'Why' again. Define what it is you are looking to achieve in these areas and others in 2020. You may not have listed anything down on paper in these areas for 2019. Still, I can guarantee there will be plenty to celebrate and plenty to consider and REFLECT upon as you start listing down what it is you did in 2019 and now what you will do in the new year that will get you closer to winning!


Reflection Example:


Family: Did I spend enough time with my family where they had my full attention? Was I there when I needed to be? Did we go on vacation and enjoy some time together?


Work: Do you enjoy what you do? Is the environment right? What were my three most significant achievements this year?


Fitness: What my most significant achievement was for the year? How many times did I fail? Did I listen to my coach? What goal did I set and achieve? Did I have fun?


It's not too late, take some time over the next week by yourself to start putting some things down on paper.  Discuss with a friend, coach, or mentor, reflect, and or plan for the New Year together. They may give you a different perspective on things.


Winning at life is what we do so touch base with one of the team here at InnerFight they will be happy to sit down and help you put a plan together so you too can win at life in 2020!

By: Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach