5 Reasons to get a Massage

First of all, we have to admit that it feels freaking amazing when someone is rubbing our back with some oils, right?? But getting a massage can also have a lot of other beneficial effects, so I am gonna rank a few of them.
  1. It relieves muscle pain, both chronic and temporary. According to studies massage can reduce chronic back pain. But also if you have done a really hard session, and feel a bit stiff the day after, a massage will definitely help you with that.
  2. It improves your sleep. Getting a massage will increase your delta brainwaves, these kind of waves occur when we are in deep sleep. So if you're having trouble going to sleep, give this a try!
  3. It improves your immune system. It's pretty typical that when you are in a period of a lot of stress that you get sick. When you are getting a massage it increase the number of lymphocytes in your body. That's a white blood cell that constitutes the major part in your adaptive immune system. According to studies people that regularly went for massage saw a big improvement in their health.
  4. It relieves headache! Massage is very effective for relieving the symptoms of migraines. And for the girls, it can also help with PMS and symptoms for your menstrual.
  5. Last but probably one of the best reasons. It gives you one hour of the day just to relax. No phone calls, no messages, no emails, no kids. To be honest with ourselves, how often do we get one hour of that??  I'm pretty sure you will feel more energized after this, and ready for the rest of your day!
So people, take some time and invest in yourself. Since I started to go for massage once a week I feel so much better, both in my training and health overall. It helps with my recovery and gets head and body relaxed.   By: Mia Akerlund, InnerFight Performance Coach