Ramadan tips to continue winning at life

With the start of Holy Month of Ramadan, we would like to wish all our members, and the community a Ramadan Mubarak and blessed month ahead. This month is a great time for you reset your mind and continue your training, healthy habits and not use it as an excuse to turn back the clock. Here are some easy tips to ensure you stay fit and healthy during Ramadan:
  • Food – Do not go into excessive mode just because the opportunity will present itself. With all the sweets and large amounts of food that you will come across it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet of a good mix of foods and appropriate portion sizes. No need to go overboard!
  • Water – Break your fasts with water and continue to drink the water throughout the period you are allowed and then consume a good amount just before you begin to fast again.
  • Routine – Ease into the month but have a game plan and find out what works and stick to it throughout. Keep your rest, work, training and socialising routine the same, change it each day and you will struggle to achieve anything during the month.
  • Sleep – Your sleep demands do not change during the month, so it is important to be again consistent with your sleep and maintain the same amount of sleep that you get regularly so you can still dominate the day (8-9 hours as a guide)! If you can achieve this by taking a nap, then it’s better than not getting the sleep you require over a 24 hour period.
  • Keep Moving – Whatever training you have been doing, work to maintain this. It may seem hard as you adjust to the new timing’s, so you can dial back the intensity and volume, however it is not a month to make excuses to not work out.
This period is not a time for weight gain or taking a step back, use the month to continue to stay fit and healthy. Ramadan Kareem, By: Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach