Quick Fix For Poor Posture

Everyone has been guilty of having a poor body posture. I, myself have been one of those who slouch at times and never care at all. Blame it to the modern technology that makes us sit on a chair most of the time, leaning forward or resting on our rounded back while looking at our phones. Surely I'm not the only one. I wonder how you are sitting while reading this article? Take a look at the video below of the following exercises and give them a go. By working the upper back in different degrees you are re -awakening the muscles that have been lazy over time.
  1. Reverse Snow Angles
Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades.  Keep your arms straight and from the floor, take about 4 seconds per rep.  (know your level)
  • Beginner:
3 sets of 20 reps; rest 2min between sets
  • Novice:
3 sets of 30 reps ; rest 2 min between sets
  • Advanced:
3 sets of 30 weighted reps ( 2,5 kg) ; rest 2 min between sets
  1. Gymnastic swimming 
  • 30 sec hold
  • 20 up and down
  • 20 breaststroke
  • 20 crawl
The goal is to reach 5 minutes without stopping. So there you go. Try these movements and let’s see how it helped you in your posture. Don’t let a bad posture become a habit. It’s never too late. Fix it! The better posture you practice, the better life you live.   By: Carmen Bosmans, InnerFight Performance Coach