Put First Things First

This article is going to make you get more out of your life. The only other thing than love you can’t buy, is time.  Imagine how much more you could get done in a day, simply if you had more time? The other day I read a chapter in the book I’m currently reading called “Put first things first”. Things that matters the most, should always be put in front of things that matters the least.  Before starting you must first identify what things are important to you, and then you can start organising your life. You are the manager of your life, you decide what you want to do, and your effectiveness and results are up to you alone. Most activities can be divided up into two groups: Urgent and not urgent. The urgent activities need immediate attention and often get us off track. The urgent things are often not that urgent and in general not very important, when we take a look at the big picture.  To be an effective manager of your life you need to be opportunity minded and not problem minded. Manage your life around your core principles and mission statement.  Get into the habit of organising one full week ahead, so that you won’t end up with the endless problems of daily planning. Stephen R. Covey taught me this set up for weekly scheduling, and I'll show you how I would do it to give you an example:
  • Identify your roles in life. Take time to write down the different roles you have in your life: Boyfriend, Older brother, Son, Grandson, Coach and Friend.
  • Setting goals. Focus on one or two things that you want to accomplish in each of the different roles defined above.
- Boyfriend: Take Natalie to the movies. - Older brother: Face time with Céline and help her correcting schoolwork so that she can achieve her goals school wise. - Son: Face time with my Mom and Dad. Help my Dad with a training program, and send my Mom flowers. - Grandson: Face time with my Grandmother and send her pictures of my life here in Dubai. - Coach: Make sure to be welcoming, relentless with technique and help people move better. Give out five business cards to non-members, and practice networking. - Friend: Stay in touch with old friends, and make sure to show my commitment to these friendships. *Above is simply an example of how it could be set up. You can write general and also specific goals.
  • Now that you have decided what your goals are for the week, you can start putting them into your schedule. You have now “put first things first”, and you have a good overview over your week. The weekly schedule is now based on correct principles, in order with your mission statement and therefore effective.
You need to be disciplined to execute this plan...and often this is where the main problem starts. The word discipline derives from the word “disciple”. You can be a disciple to a set of values, a person, a goal etc. You are your own disciple, and the discipline should come from within. “The successful person has the strength of doing the things failures don't like to do. They don't like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” – E.M.Gray     By: Andre Houdet, Performance Coach