5 Point guide on programming challenging conditioning workouts

  1. Pick movements that work well together e.g. burpee and ski erg. Moving from a high reach and a big pull, to a low position with a big push and jump work because your body is going through lots of planes of movement
  2. Pick your time frame. Do you want a long slog or a shorter more intense workout? Remember it is important to work at all time frames and intensities
  3. Know how to scale appropriately for different people. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. Some may be really good at burpees while others can use slightly heavier weights. Scale number of reps / weights and movements correctly to ensure everyone has the same stimulus
  4. Emom / interval / continuous / amrap - there are so many different ways you can change a workout to make it more fun and/or more challenging. Remember to use all of them as each of them is important
  5. Make a note of your workouts. Always record your workouts and how they felt. This will help you massively when it comes to programming workouts in the future.
Come and try a BenZone session and let me do it all for you! Email me at bd@innerfight.com to find out more. By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach