Programming for Classes. I know this can be a commonly argued topic. I've seen it all over the internet. This can come from people who do crossfit/train in their garages, gym owners, gym members, and often from people who don't really do crossfit at all. Here are some principals to go off. This is not rocket science at all. In my opinion, these principals are quite straight forward. Lets get into it. Strength:  We all need to get strong. I'm not saying you should just focus on one thing, there are many other training principals that are equally important. This doesn't mean it's all about testing your 1 rep max on the regular. I'm talking about barbell strength, strongman/loaded carries, sleds, gymnastics, static holds, planks, unilateral movements e.g. single arm, single leg functional exercises utilising dumbbells and kettlebells. I will keep it simple. Squat a couple of times a week. Weight lifting variations. Pressing usually once a week. Heavy deadlifts will come up but not that much. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deadlift, It's one of my favourite movements. But I know its very taxing on the nervous system. With all the weight lifting, kettlebell swings etc, the posterior chain will get a good workout. So no need to worry about that. There will be days where you will move slow, there will be days where you will move fast. Some days will be heavy, some days will be light. All of this will help you to move well and get good results. This brings in longevity. I know for a fact that I still want to be doing this sort of training when I’m 60-70 years + and so should you. Conditioning/Fitness: I think it's important to keep it intense, varied, smart and fun. This can be quite tough to incorporate all at once. I guess the best way to explain this is that there will be some workouts that will be between 8-15 mins, 4-8 mins, sometimes 20 mins and occasionally I will chuck in a longer workout which may last between about 30-40 mins. Some mental gains on that one. It's extremely important to make sure everything will work logistically. Creativity with some organisation is key.   I know for a fact that there is no perfect program. Trying to find one or implement one, in my opinion, is a waste of time and will probably drive me crazy. In other words, nothing is really set in stone, warm ups may change from time to time e.g.  tyre flips, 3D mats, playing games, the use of bands, lighter kettlebells. I think new approaches will be great for everyone. I hope you appreciate this article. My intention is for you all to continue working hard and having loads of fun.   By: Matt Jones, Performance Coach & Head of Programming