So you are probably wondering what the hell im talking about when I say PPP + P. No its not some kind of mathematics equation don’t worry.

This PPP+P rule ive come up with can apply to everyone. Use this in your work life and athletic life and im confident you’ll be better off and more likely to stay on track. Whenever you are working on something such as a project at work or a training session, I want you to think about this PPP+P rule to keep you in line.

So, what is it? 

P1 - PATIENCE - What ever you are doing, if you want the quality to be high and for you to finish something and be proud of what you’ve done then being patience is key for quality. Without time things get rushed, not done correctly and essentially they just lack the workmanship thats needed for quality. This brings me to the next P….

P2 - PERSISTENCE - Any great thing ever achieved takes time, patience, consistency and determination. Chopping and changing when you do things and what you do will result in either a poor quality finished product or maybe not a finished product at all. Without persistency we often forget, loose track and are not fully into what we are working on. Im going to use running for example. If you are working towards a goal time for a 10km run, missing quality workouts which are going to have a big impact on your performance will only leave you with either a poor quality finished product (e.g. not the time you wanted), or no finished product at all (meaning you won’t run the 10km because you know you can’t reach the goal you wanted). Be persistent, day in day out, results will come. 

P3 - PURPOSE - Finally, the project you are working on should always be worked on with purpose. Whenever you are challenged with a task you should always complete each task with a purpose in mind. Instead of just going through the motions of what your task is (or I would say “doing what it says on the tin”), do each task will full effort, full energy and know the reason you are doing that task. Where will it get you? Why are you doing it? What will be the outcome. Keep asking yourself why? Why? Why? And eventually you’ll find your reasons so you can complete your task with purpose. Think of a run warm up for example. Why are you warming up? What muscles? Why these muscles? Is the movement you are doing actually doing anything to you and are you doing it correctly. Or are you doing it without purpose because the coach said to do it?

+ P - PASSION - the biggest P of them all! 

If you WANT something so bad and you are passionate enough about wanting it, you’ll get it. Everything balls down to how much you want something. Instead of Searching for excuses you’ll find yourself searching for ways to win, ways to level up, ways to better yourself that 0.1% every day. When you are passionate about something you’ll work hard until you get it. Hard work always beats talent. 

Four simple P’s to remember. If something is your passion you’ll find yourself figuring the rest on the P’s out automatically. 

Thanks for reading,

By; George Crewe, OCR Coach