Post exercise nutrition

People do exercise for different reasons, for some it is a quest for a performance goal, some enjoy the exercise for its own sake and others just want to burn the calories in order to enjoy a little more cake with their supper without getting fat.   Usually it is those looking for the most performance benefits that most carefully consider their post exercise nutrition however, there is much to be gained by even the most recreational athlete from a considered post exercise nutrition strategy. What you want from exercise or want to be able to avoid post exercise; 1. Replace energy stores in order to be able to do more exercise;  important not just for elite athletes trying to fit in an extra training session but also for the weekend sportsman aiming to get the most from their weekend or holiday. 2. Keep healthy;  despite the fact that many people exercise to improve health it is a paradox that exercise can result in depressed immune function in the short term and care needs to be taken with high training loads that this does not have develop into a chronic depressed immune function associated with over training syndrome. 3. Maximise adaptation; Having done the exercise the body may be primed for adaptation but unless it is given the time and materials with which to adapt then assuming you will improve may be a forlorn hope.  The idea of maximising the improvement in a given time is crucial for the elite athletes but also for the busy executive who has invested valuable time in an exercise programme.  4. Minimise post exercise muscle soreness. 
Secret Training have the answer.
Want to repair and refuel for the next session?
The banana or cherry flavoured whey protein provides 20g of protein and 20g of carbs per 300ml shake. Meaning you get the regenerative boost of protein needed and the energy replacing hit of carbohydrates.
Vegan friendly?
The mint chocolate vegan protein powder has you covered with similar protein : carb ratios as the whey protein.
Rapid repair.
The protein gel (web site only). A 20g hit protein in a handy ready to go gel.
Recover while you sleep
The chocolate flavoured night time protein (web site only). Gets you ready for next level sleep with 20g of slow release grass fed casein protein and fortified with Magnesium, B vitamins and Glycine to help improve sleep quality and improve hormone levels.
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