#722: Fasting with Dr Alan Goldhamer

Fasting is nothing new, it has been used around the world for hundred of years. However in recent times we are seeing an increasing number of people turning to fasting in desperation to cure a number of "self inflicted" as well as hereditary illnesses. Dr Alan of TrueNorth Health center has seen over 20,000 patients go through fasting protocols at his clinic with some mind blowing results that he shares in todays show.

Dr. Alan Goldhamer is the founder of TrueNorth Health Center, a  state-of-the-art facility that provides medical and chiropractic  services, psychotherapy and counseling, as well as massage and body  work. He is also director of the Center's groundbreaking residential  health education program.Articulate, inspiring and energetic, Dr. Goldhamer is one of the most  pioneering and dedicated visionaries in health today.

An outspoken  professional who doesn't shy away from a spirited debate, he is deeply  committed to helping people stuck in self-destructive cycles reclaim  their ability to change their lives. Dr. Goldhamer has supervised the fasts of thousands of patients.  Under his guidance, the Center has become one of the premier training  facilities for doctors wishing to gain certification in the supervision  of therapeutic fasting.

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