#706: Googling “am I too old to be a personal trainer” with Natasha Evans

From middle aged Mum to Online Mind, Body Transformation Coach and Podcast host, Natasha helps Menopausal Mums, take the first step towards a healthier & happier life by reclaiming their confidence, rediscovering their self-worth and regaining their SASSY.


Imagine googling "am I too old to be a personal trainer / fitness coach" at the age of 45 as you search for a career change and a new lease of life.

Well in this show Natasha tells us how she did that which leads to a really awesome chat about so many thing that will help so many people.
Enjoy the show.

Connect with Natasha: https://www.nbefit.co.uk/https://www.instagram.com/Sassy10Fitness/https://www.instagram.com/


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