#656: Into the daylight – 50km ride, 50km run, 50km ride

This week we talk about this challenge that our coaches Tom, Rob, Rob and Marcus recently completed. They started at 4:24am and completed 50km ride, 50km run, 50km ride at Al Qudra in Dubai in the middle of the summer? Why would you do such a thing you may ask? What were the challenges? How did it all play out.
In this show the guys have a very open and candid conversation about the challenge, where the idea came from and they also chat about hosting the same challenge for people but this time in cooler weather and in the night and not into the middle of the day where temps reached 52 degrees.
Enjoy the show!
Further resources:Toms report: https://tomwalkerfitness.com/f/into-the-lightMarcus’s report: http://www.mjdsmith.com/into-the-daylight/

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