#646:”There are no limitations” with Keith Russell

Just 4 years ago Keith Russell started running as something he could do with his severely disabled daughter Alanna. It brought them both great joy and happiness. Sadly in December 2017 Alanna passed away but in the short time Keith ran with her they had a huge impact on many communities both in Ireland and further afield. What started as something they did together soon developed into something that would help Keith deal with being apart from Alanna as he explained to us “I had two choices and the world would have accepted if I chose to drown my sorrows but I didn’t I chose to keep running.” Since Keith has run a sub 3 hour marathon, completed the 173km Belfast to Dublin ultra, on Alannas second anniversary completed 100 miles on a 400m track and on 27th June ran 227km around an athletics track as he chased the Irish 24 hour record.In this show Keith speaks in detail about all areas of his life, lessons learnt and how he has overcome extreme adversity.Enjoy the show.

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