#638: Essentialism with Dhiren Harchandani

Dhiren Harchandani is an entrepreneur, a transformative coach, a consultant, an author, a keynote speaker, and Most of All, A teacher.He bridges his experience to actionable outcomes that drive meaningful results. He is a balance of inspiring and practical, thought-provoking and result-focused, fun and impactful!
In this show Dhiren shares with us some super personal experiences that have led him to follow a life of “essentialism” and in doing so he explains the key tools that he uses in his life to make it better. Dhiren does not believe that everyone has to experience rock bottom to live their best life, however if they start to take conscious action today they can have everything they want in life.
Enjoy the show.Marcus

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Instagram :dhirenharchandani

website : https://dhirenharchandani.com/

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