#630: Solving problems by removing emotion with Hanan Wehbi

Hanan Wehbi was on our show in 2014 and although it has taken us 6 years to get her back on she is still as valuable as ever. In this show we talk all things from distractions to looking good naked before Hanan drops us an absolute beauty as she says we can solve many problems by just removing emotions.

It is always amazing to chat to Hanan as she has so many thought provoking thoughts and delivers them in such a unique way. This conversation (as many podcasts are) was the result of a few whatsapp’s and 48 hours later we were recording. Thank you Hanan for your time.
Enjoy the show folks.

Listen to Hanan previous appearance on our show herehttps://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/innerfight/episodes/2014-06-25T04_52_55-07_00\

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