#629: Data, vaccine and the environment!

The world never stopped spinning but everything ground to a halt almost like a large ship coming to a stand still. We all knew things would start to move again but no one knew nor does really know what is going to happen next. In this show I talk about data and the fact that in the last year I have read several articles about data theft and peoples fear of who is listening to their phones but when I asked people if they would use a data tracking app to cure Corona the majority said yes. We have also heard rumors about a vaccine becoming available within 12-18 months, however it normally takes around 10 years to develop a vaccine, would you be keen to be one of the first to have a shot? And then for all the positive impact we have seen on the environment lately there is a legit fear as increased hygiene seems to mean increased plastic so are we better staying home?

Enjoy the show!

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