#620: Leveraging social media for humanity with Kris Fade

If you live in Dubai then Kris Fade is certainly a name that you would know….the man behind the Virgin Radio breakfast show. If you don’t live in Dubai and to give this show some context Kris Fade moved to Dubai just over 10 years ago on a "whim and a prayer.” Since then with his team of presenters he has built the biggest breakfast radio show in the region. Not only that but Kris has risen as somewhat of a local social media star working with some top regional and global brands to drive home their messages. A highlight for Kris certainly has to be when he hosted the Pope in Abu Dhabi in 2019.
If you have not heard Kris on the radio or seen him at an event then just hop over to his Instagram flick back a week or so and have a look at how he first offered up his platform to support local businesses during these challenging times. Truly remarkable. Kris continues to drive the message of leveraging his social media to help people that are having tough times right now and we discuss this more in this show as well as everything from “fear of the unknown” to “workouts are the cure.”
Kirs has awesome energy and I am sure will give you all a lot of inspiration and some ideas.
Enjoy the show.
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