#616: Cancer at 23 and “helping people achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment, for life.” at 35 with Dave Catudal

Over the past 15 years Dave has immersed himself in an obsessive pursuit to discover everything possible about preventative natural medicine, stress reduction techniques and performance nutrition, which has become a continuing journey that has taken him around the world. This journey introduced him to new cultures, new perspectives, and he has had the opportunity to learn everything from functional diagnostic nutrition in North America and Asia to natural plant healing with South American shamans in Brazil.
Dave's family was hit with cancer. Hard. His younger brother Phil fought Leukemia for several years from age 3, finally being cured at age 9. Only a few years after, his father, an athlete and a super healthy man was diagnosed with stage 3 Adenocarcenoma at the young age of 44. He died in less than a year from his diagnosis.
In this show Dave speaks to me openly about his background which has ultimately led him to where he is today and as he says "helping people achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment, for life” as the founder and CEO of Tranzend health where he has developed two amazing products that we discuss in the show.
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