#612: Yoga for athletes with Annika Naidoo

Annika Naidoo first walked into InnerFight in around 2014 with her brother Nik. I could see that both of them liked to workout and were having fun with big smiles. Since then Annika (and Nik) has been on an amazing journey with her fitness, not afraid of hard work and still having fun. Annika was the kind lady that hooked me up with Carey in podcast #604.
In this show Annika tells us all about her fitness journey all the way through to today as she teaches and promotes “Yoga for the athlete”. However, she is not your average Yogi if you know what I mean! She is a member of a power lifting gym and I actually think she has more lifting and working out photos on her Instagram than she does Yoga. That said, she has developed a mindset and approach to Yoga which has not only helped her but, as she explains in this show, is helping her husband and many people.
Thanks to you guys for tuning in and to Annika for sharing her story.
Enjoy the show.
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