#610: Building a sustainable sports brand with Daniel Chabert of Rockay Running

Rockay is the brainchild of Daniel Chabert, an ultra runner from Copenhagen. While travelling around the world, Daniel saw first-hand the pollution and destruction harming our planet and felt compelled to be part of a movement for change. From this vision Rockay was born. Combining Daniel’s passion for sport and the environment, he decided to produce the best technical Performance Wear on this planet, but with a core aim for Rockay to help give back and protect our planet.
In this show I talk to Daniel about the process to make a sock from waste, the future of sustainable products in the sports field and beyond as well as hit him up for advice for people that are trying to make a difference to our planet. Daniel serves up some amazing advice as he encourages people to “be naive and make it happen” and he is confident that in future “people are going to demand products that are sustainably made."
Enjoy the show.
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