#608: “It’s the way we are wired as humans” with Rich Soares

Rich Sores is the founder and host of the Mile High Endurance Podcast. He started his journey in endurance sport by just running 1 mile around the block and then each day would ask himself “how far can I go today?" or "how far can I go this week?”. This mindset has led him to numerous marathons, half ironman and ironman races and a love for the sport which through his podcast has seen him talk to some of the greats of the endurance world (noted below).
In this show Rich shares with us some mind blowing stats on the increase of participation in endurance, namely ultra running which grew over 1000% from 2010-2016. I ask Rich why, and then I ask him why again about 20 times to really get to the route of the growth as he responds with some great comments such as  "It's the way we are wired as humans to push time and speed boundaries.” and "The deeper you have to go, the harder it is, the more joy and glory there is at the finish line.
It is hard not to be inspired listening to what Rich has to say and the way he frames things in this show for us. I loved interviewing him and I really hope you guys enjoy the show.
Thanks for listening as always.
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The rise of ultra runners Adharanand Finn
Sarah Thomas 4 x English Channel swimmer

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