#602: Are brands lying to us? with Alasdair Hall

Alasdair Hall Jones is a globally experienced marketeer and having spent a chunk of his career with the Marketing Society he has had exposure not only to some of the most influential brands in the world but also the leaders behind those brands and the CMO’s that are bringing ever new marketing ideas to life in attempt to snatch the attention and money of the consumer.
In this show Alasdair and I discuss how marketing has changed over the last decade with a focus on the health and fitness industry. We try and weigh up the pros and cons of what I of course love to call the “insta douche bags” and those that seem to be hoping on the fitness band wagon.
At the forefront of many organizations brand strategy these days is sustainability and my question to Alasdair was if companies actually care or if they just make it look like they care about the environment in the search of more sales.
These are topics that affect all of us and Alasdair has some really useful and interesting points which I am sure you will enjoy.
Thanks for listening, enjoy the show.
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