#598: You only get one body don’t f**k it up with John Lindsey

I found John Lindsey through the good old trusted Instagram and was immediately intrigued as to the positions he was able to get his body into. Of course my immediate thoughts were that John was just “one of those guys” who was hyper mobile. Of course I stalked him a little bit and quickly found a piece on his site that said  "In grad school my body was broken; I couldn’t touch my toes, squat past parallel, and I’d have back pain after most workouts."  I knew I had to get John on the show!
In this show we talk about mobility but more than that we talk about John’s journey and things that you and I can learn from it. John isn’t asking everyone to be made from rubber but what he is advising people to do is just spend a little bit of time on their body each day as the title suggests.
Once you have listened please go and take action!
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