#597: InnerFight Programming with Boz

We get a lot of questions from people in classes and also to the show about how we put together our class program. The tag line of CrossFit as we know is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” and for a long time in the early days gyms took the constantly varied to new heights without applying much science to their approach of programming, nothing against that as the objective for many was to get many moving and they did a great job of that.
In May 2019 Boz took over writing the class program here at InnerFight and we sat down to map out what we though based on both our experiences what would be the best “model” to follow….we then invented our own new one! In this show we talk all about how it works and of course where she gets a load of the mayhem workouts from, we also chat about our new gymnastics class.
Enjoy the show and if you want to check out the daily workout anyway head over to www.innerfight.com and you can see them all.
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