#596: Addicted to drugs and alcohol and turning it all around with Alastair Harte

Alastair Hearte has an incredible story and delivers it in it’s rawest form with energy and passion. Having started smoking at 12 years old, he was kick out of school at 15, had a serious drug problem which led into alcohol addiction by the time he was 28. It was at that age that he said enough is enough, “found his anchor” and a “purpose” and changed his life.
In this show Alastair speaks super openly about his past, he hides nothing and shares an insane passion just to help make people better. He is energetic and inspiring as well as being a world champion in various figure modeling categories at 38 years old. Alastair gives us so much in this show. I am sure everyone will learn loads from it and I am thankful that he took the time out to chat.
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