#595: It’s time for muscle ups

When I first went into a CrossFit gym and saw the rings I was intrigued. When I then saw someone doing a muscle up I knew I had to do one. This was back in 2004 where things were a lot more straight forward, we used bands less and we were just playing around with things hoping that something good may happen. Over 15 years later I am sure thousands of others have done the same thing as they walk into a gym and some may have mastered the muscle up but others haven’t.
In this show I give you the biggest secrets to getting your muscle ups sorted in the shortest time period which I will tell you straight up is 6-8 weeks at the quickest…..you need a bit of patience here folks, this is all about building strength, but the good news is that the strength you build will get you what you want and if you are smart it will last!
So stop wasting time when you are early for class or when you have a spare 20 minutes, follow what is says in the show and I will see you at the top of the rings super soon.
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