#594: Breaking down and living with Monty

A number of you may remember this guy from a few years back in show 382 where we talked about life, Oasis and his mad dress sense amongst other cool things.
Well Monty was passing through Dubai recently so I took the opportunity to get another show with him. Monty used to live in Dubai, two years ago he took a job in Europe with cycling brand Maap which has seen him travel extensively for the last 2 years to get his job done. We talk about that, the success he has had but I think more importantly the impact it has had on his health physically and mentally. I try and get him to open up about a few things which he does as he talks us through his break down at the world championships.
@Montytheheron tells it how it is and appreciates a good hat, perfect combo for success on this show.
Enjoy it.
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