#584: Brian Keane on Living with self awareness daily

Brian Keane is no stranger to the InnerFight podcast as this is the third time we get him on. (Check out link below for previous shows) For those of you that have listened to Brian in the past or to his podcast (click here) you will know he has a unique energy and passion for life. Without briefing him until 30 seconds before we recorded this show during his recent visit to Dubai I started firing deep questions around self awareness to Brain.
Self awareness is something that we hear spoken about a lot and for many I think you will agree we know we should have it, we may have even read books on it and we totally buy into it. However like many of these things actually practicing it on a daily basis is something else. In fact how do we practice self awareness? What are the check points? What should we be doing? These are all questions that I fire at Brain during this chat and he has some great answers.
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