#578: Motivation, documentaries and time in this weeks listener Q&A

I haven’t done a listener Q&A recently but have been asked a few questions over and over the last few weeks so thought I would share these with you and maybe a few thoughts to get you thinking! After a few news updates we jump into:
  • I feel like I am not progressing in my fitness, what can I do? What should I change?
  • Why am I doing it? Figuring out your motivation behind your actions.
  • I know I have time but I still am not able to make everything fit. What should I do?
  • My job increasingly feels like a means to an end. I can’t quit as I need the stability and money. What can I do?
  • Making life changing decisions based on a 90 minute documentary.
Thanks for the continued support of the show and have a great day.
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