#576 Fitness in the Middle East with Greg Boucher

Greg Boucher moved to Dubai in 1999 for 3 years with the objective of opening and running one of Dubai’s first independent health clubs. Fast forward 20 years and he is the founder and CEO of MEFIT and has a number of tales to tell about the evolution of the fitness industry both locally in Dubai and also on a wider scale.
Greg has been a driving force behind ensuring and delivering high education standards for fitness professionals across the region and this is something he remains passionate about. He brings these individuals together on an annual basis and has done since 2003 in the form of the MEFIT Summit, a 3 day event held in Dubai on 14,15,16th November open to fitness professionals and the general public.
I first met Greg in 2000 shortly after he arrived in Dubai and he has always been a benchmark of the industry here through his company MEFIT. Not sure why I have not had him on the show before as he has so much knowledge and some really solid opinions on the industry. I am confident that this chat will benefit everyone that listens to it, not just those that work in the industry.
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