#570: Kona Special with Tom Walker

“The Big Dance on the Big Island” as it is known to many took place last weekend in Kona Hawaii but what actually is it. For some it is the pinnacle of their career, for others a place they dream to one day reach. Every October the world Ironman championships are held on the Island of Kona, the birthplace of this grueling endurance event which constitutes a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and then a 42.2km run. Some people have deemed Ironman distance triathlon the ultimate test of human endurance and it was with that in mind that this lethal combination of disciplines and distances was born as a few mates each representing the different disciplines argues who in fact was the fittest or best endurance athlete.
In this show I chat to our resident endurance coach about this years event, how it panned out, why the island of Kona is so magical and the fact that we saw a world record tumble at the race this weekend. There is something truly amazing about this sport in that the professionals and amateurs race in the same race at the same time, this is a huge goal of Tom’s and he gives us further insights into his inspiration and potential timelines until he gets to dance on the big island.
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