#568: A 25kg Tumble Dryer on your back for 42.2km with Ben Blowes

In his own words Ben Blowes is just a “roof tiler” from New Market however as the show goes on you will realise that Ben is actually quite a lot more than that. He is a truly unique nature and a unique mindset to go with it. Softly spoken he talks about sub 3 hour marathons as the norm and his marathon with a 25kg tumble dryer on his back to land him a world record will have you thinking what he is made of. Ben talks us through how his whole life changed when he got into health and fitness and explains how at 47 he doesn’t know how he could be more content with where he is at.
Not only an athlete Ben is also a coach and for a number of years held the position of head coach for Cambridge University boxing team working with some incredible academics as well as athletes. He has moved on from roof tiling and now spends his time helping other people improve their life through sport as he runs Vivo Outdoor Fitness. I am confident that many of you will really enjoy this show and the manner in which Ben delivers his amazing stories.
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