#562 “Believe in yourself” with 5 time Marathon Des Sables Runner Susie Chan

Susie Chan only started running in her early 30’s as she entered a half marathon with her brother. Since then she has completed 5 Marathon Des Sables as well as a number of other ultras, however as she tells us in this show she runs anything from 1 mile to 100 and as you will find out she does it for the love of running and the love of nature. Still smoking in 2011 Susie has not always been into running and in this show we dig into some of her motivations and have a great discussion about how and why people get into running, what people can expect and all the great things that come with it. Susie has an awesome energy and I am sure that after listening to this show you will be fully pumped to head out for a run. Enjoy the show. Connect with Susie here: Connect with Susie: https://www.susie-chan.com/ Instagram: susie_chan_
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