#560: Talking “The Carnivore Diet” with 2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs

Some of you may remember the name "Pete Jacobs” either from episode #468 of the InnerFight podcast back in October last year or from when he won the world Ironman championships in Kona in 2012. When we spoke to Pete in 2018 he talked about coming back to triathlon but only when he was fully healthy. In this show Pete takes us on his journey of what essentially has been a number of years of his body not working optimally, him not feeling great all the time and some quite major struggles. Pete talks us through various eating methods that he has tried and tested to try and aid his auto immune disease and we spend a good chunk of this shoe on where he is at today with the Carnivore Diet. Listen as Pete talks us through eating up to 2kg of meat a day and nothing else. He is clearly super well read on the subject and gets nice and geeky for us in places. Possibly the best part of this show is where Pete shares his desire to get back to Kona and from the way he is and has been feeling with his recent adoption of this diet it seems the dream of Kona is very much alive. Connect with Pete: Instagram: liveyourownfit Some resources on Carnivore: Paul Saladino https://carnivoremd.com/ Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan #1050 in 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj_Bc9hdHa0 Shawn Baker Instagram : shawnbaker1967
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