#558 SAS selection, leading with positivity and giving people second chances with Bram Connolly

Bram Connolly knew from a young age that he would serve his country, it’s all he wanted to do. Descending from a “broken home” Bram described himself in his early years as quite a loner and he was happy with that. He walked into the local Australian Army on his 17th birthday and signed up for service perhaps not really knowing that within 2 years he would be in the war zone of Somalia, this was the start of an incredible journey which would later turn in to 2 books that Bram has written about battle and wars. As a teenager and into his 20’s Bram was good at things, he didn’t have to try super hard to get by so didn’t, this all changed when on return from SAS selection in 1994 he was called out by a colleague and exposed in his failure to be recruited to one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, his pledge was to return and to be selected. Now a family man with an a aiming wife and two children Bram teaches leadership on many levels. He is also the founder of Warrior U and the host of the Warrior U podcast. Bram believes and has demonstrated time and again that positivity is a key to leadership and at the end of this show similar to all of our guests he shares his one piece of advice for life which is simply epic. Connect with Bram: Warrior U podcast His 2 books: The fighting season Off Reservation https://bramconnolly.com/ Instagram:  warrioru.australia
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