#555: Creating “non negotiables” in life

Rules, rules, rules you may say and I will say yes. We need a set of rules for life if we are going to perform optimal and live the very best life we can. Right now the world seems like it is constantly out to distract us, feed us things that seems nice but we do not really need to be eating, give us a number of reasons (excuses) not to go and workout but to do something else, even if that something else is just sitting on the couch watching Netflix.
If we don’t have a set of rules for ourselves to live by, a set of non negotiables then there is every chance we all slip into the brutal rut of eating things that do not take us toward our goals, staying up late and missing out on our sleep or missing a workout and generally losing track of lie in more ways than one. I hope that this show will leave you thinking about what things in your life just need to be non negotiable and you will stick with them.
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