PODCAST #554 LISTEN NOW: Morning Chalk Up founder Justin LoFranco

Justin LoFranco is the founder of morning chalk up a company that he started just over 3 years ago with the goal of sharing news from around the world with the CrossFit community and a company that he left his “career job” to pursue. No one would have thought that just 3 years later Justin and his team would be announcing the huge changes to CrossFit and the 2019 CrossFit Season. They have become the news channel that everyone goes to when they want to know what’s going on in CrossFit.
This year no media company has been closer to CrossFit and the athletes than ever before. Justin shares with us his first hand experience and speaks openly about what has gone on, the way that he sees things and the potential that the future holds. The energy Justin brings to this show is unreal as we chatted.
  • 450,000 hits on Morning Chalk up in a single day
  • The Fraser / Froning show down
  • Athlete rights
  • The 2020 Sanctional season
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